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Aisling Tucker-Moore Reed: Horror Movie Star Arrested for Murder



Fox News

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, who starred in the horror film From the Dark under the pseudonym Wyn Reed, was arrested and is facing charges with first and second-degree manslaughter after the shooting her uncle, 63-year-old Shane Patrick Moore.

Although the 30-year-old former journalist was arrested the day after the movie wrapped filming for allegedly shooting and killing her uncle on July 26, 2016, she made bail and was released. Moore-Reed was not formally charged until August 2018, when police obtained video footage of the shooting.

“This appeared to be an intentional act,” said Detective Tony Young, from the Medford Police Department. “And that she was angry during this time.” Moore-Reed had a bail hearing in January, and her trial is set to begin next month.

Here’s what you need to know about Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed…..

Cell phone video captured the Moment Moore-Reed Allegedly Shot Her Uncle, Shane Patrick Moore

VideoVideo related to aisling tucker-moore reed: horror movie star charged for manslaughter2019-11-08T14:29:13-05:00

With a cellphone in one hand and a gun in another, the footage allegedly shows Moore-Reed shoot her uncle within 10 seconds of announcing his arrival at her grandmother’s southern Oregon home in 2016. The video shows Moore-Reed shouting an expletive when she learned her wounded uncle hadn’t immediately died.

District Attorney Beth Heckert said that Police seized Moore-Reed’s phone as evidence after the shooting, but they didn’t have the passcode to access the device and returned it to her, unaware the footage existed, during the bail hearing.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif said she decided not to grant bail because Moore-Reed wasn’t forthcoming that she had footage of the shooting, “It was almost like she was angry that he wasn’t dead,” Greif said, according to courtroom video from KOBI-TV.

‘From the Dark’ Producers Claimed They Had No Idea Of Her Pending Criminal Charges

The film’s studio, Siskiyou Productions, told Fox News that producers learned the extent of Moore-Reed’s past just one day after the film wrapped in 2018 when she was arrested and charged with the 2016 shooting of her uncle. In From the Dark, which is set to be released next year, Moore-Reed played the lead role of Valerie Faust, a young tour guide in Oregon celebrating her last day of work when things a dark turn.

The day after the movie wrapped filming, Moore-Reed was arrested for shooting her uncle. The film contains a moment in which Moore-Reed’s character commits a shooting that’s similar to what happened in real life.

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