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Allen Blackthorne Obituary – Death: Sheila Bellush was a 35-year-old mother death

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Allen Blackthorne Obituary – Death: Sheila Bellush was a 35-year-old mother death

Today, a millionaire from Texas was found guilty of conspiring to murder his ex-wife, who was discovered dead in her kitchen with her throat slit, and her quadruplets crawling in her blood. Allen Blackthorne, aged 45, is the fourth person to be convicted or plead guilty in the murder-for-hire case of Sheila Bellush. He faces a life sentence without parole.

The verdict was announced shortly after Jose Luis Del Toro Jr., the killer, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison in Florida. During his sentencing, Del Toro Jr. sang a song requesting forgiveness.

Sheila Bellush, aged 35, was murdered in Sarasota, Florida, in 1997. Her body was found by her 13-year-old daughter from her previous marriage to Blackthorne. The quadruplets from her second marriage were found unharmed in a backyard pool wearing life jackets.

Prosecutors argued that Blackthorne loathed his ex-wife and offered up to $54,000 to kill her after a series of custody battles, with the hope of regaining custody of his two adopted daughters. Blackthorne used private investigators to track down Bellush after she moved from Texas.

During the trial, Blackthorne admitted to threatening to kill Bellush, claiming she was a neglectful mother. However, he denies arranging her murder.

After a 33-hour jury deliberation, Blackthorne was found guilty of interstate conspiracy to murder for hire and interstate domestic violence. He will face conviction on November 2.

Upon hearing the verdict, Bellush’s mother, Gene Smith, expressed her joy and gratitude, while defense attorney Richard Rubin expressed disappointment and announced plans to appeal. Law enforcement officials warned of the possibility of unrest, but the courtroom remained silent as the verdict was announced.

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