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Baby Gronk’s Parents Jake and Elizabeth Miguel: Who Is Madden San Miguel ‘Baby Gronk’ Mom?

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Baby Gronk’s Parents Jake and Elizabeth Miguel: Who Is Madden San Miguel ‘Baby Gronk’ Mom?

Madden San Miguel, famously known as “Baby Gronk,” is creating a stir on the internet with his unconventional training videos. This 10-year-old American football sensation has already amassed a significant following on Instagram, standing as the new Rob Gronkowski in the making.

With approximately 320k followers on Instagram and 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, both accounts managed by his father, Jake San Miguel, Baby Gronk gained widespread attention after a video featuring LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne went viral in March 2023, subsequently making rounds on various social media platforms.

While the video stirred both positive and negative reactions, it achieved its goal by going viral. Prior to this, Baby Gronk had collaborated with numerous celebrities and athletes, showcasing his natural talent and charisma.

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Despite still being in middle school, prominent universities such as Texas A&M University, the University of Alabama, and the University of Georgia have already extended scholarship offers to him. Additionally, esteemed institutions like Ohio State and Penn State University have shown considerable interest, solidifying Baby Gronk’s potential as a top prospect in the world of football.

Who are Madden San Miguel’s Parents? Jake San Miguel and Elizabeth Miguel are the proud parents of Baby Gronk. Jake is the mastermind behind orchestrating Madden’s rise to fame, managing his social media presence and career trajectory. Elizabeth remains a relatively private figure, with minimal information available about her on Baby Gronk’s official Instagram account.

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Where do Madden San Miguel’s Parents Reside? Madden resides with his parents, Jake San Miguel and Elizabeth Miguel, in Frisco, Texas, where he continues to hone his football skills under the guidance of his father.

Jake San Miguel’s Profession and Involvement As a self-taught and seasoned digital marketer, Jake spearheads Madden’s social media accounts and overall brand promotion. In an interview with The Athletic, Jake shed light on his role, emphasizing his commitment to managing and elevating his son’s profile to pave the way for a future NFL career. Despite limited details about Elizabeth’s occupation, her support for Madden remains apparent on their social media platforms.

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Earnings and Future Prospects While specific details about Jake’s income are not widely known, he has mentioned that Madden earns approximately $100,000 annually from various brand endorsements and partnerships. With Baby Gronk’s recent surge in media attention, this figure is expected to grow, signifying a promising future for the young prodigy in the world of sports.

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