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5 Fast Facts

Barron Brantley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Barron Brantley and Jordyn Jones are suspects in the murder of 21-year-old Alexis Crawford. Jones, 21, was Crawford’s college roommate; Brantley, also 21, and Jones are in a romantic relationship.

The couple reportedly confessed their involvement in Crawford’s death to investigators, and one of them led investigators to Crawford’s body.

Here’s what you need to know about Barron Brantley:

1. Crawford Reported Unwanted Touching by Brantley a Week Before She Disappeared

Alexis Crawford

Atlanta PD

According to the press release following the discovery of Crawford’s body, she had filed a police report on October 27th stating that Brantley had been kissing her and touching her against her will. She disappeared on November 1.

It’s not clear how long Jones and Brantley have been dating for. Brantley has not commented publicly on the accusations of unwanted touching.

2. Brantley & Jones Were Named as Suspects After One of Them Led Investigators to Crawford’s Body

Both Brantley and Jones “confessed,” per the press conference, and Jones was the one who led investigators to Crawford’s body. The young woman had been buried in a nearby park.

Earlier in the investigation, Jones had said she took her roommate to a liquor store on October 30.

3. Crawford’s Family Last Spoke to Her on October 30

Alexis Crawford

Crawford’s family spoke to her last on October 30, though she wasn’t declared missing until November 1. Her mother, Tammy Crawford, described her daughter as “in good spirits and laughing” during their last phone call together, per 11Alive. 

4. The Cause of Death for Crawford Has Not Been Revealed

Alexis Crawford

The cause of death for Crawford hasn’t been revealed, though officers have confirmed that they believe she was murdered.

5. Crawford Was Studying Justice & Criminology at Clark University

Prior to her death, Crawford was an undergraduate at Clark University, studying Social Justice and Criminology. Immediately following news of her body being found, people took to social media to mourn the loss.

One person tweeted, “This Alexis Crawford story got me sick. To think that days before she was murdered she was violated…f*cking disgusting.”

Another person tweeted, “I am praying for all of Alexis Crawford’s family, friends, my CAU family and AUC as a whole. This is scary. I work with these students everyday and I just can’t even imagine. This hurts. My students are shook by this. Please PLEASE love on your people a little bit harder today.”

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