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Bart Wegenke Death – Obituary : Bart Wegenke, Haslett High School Principal of 53 Passed Away » AGRL Tragedy

Bart Wegenke Death – Obituary : Bart Wegenke, Haslett High School Principal of 53 Passed Away

Bart Wegenke, a Michigan Haslett High School Principal of 53 Passed Away

The Confirmation of Bart Wegenke death news was made known to us on social media by:

About Bart Wegenke

Bart Wegenke, The Haslett High School principal made students feel valued, but he wasn’t scared to push them. He wanted them to succeed said Haslett Public Schools Superintendent Steve Cook.

Bart Wegenke Cause of death

We can’t say anything right now for the cause of death of Bart Wegenke, but we will surely keep you updated if there is any new information heard.

Tributes to Bart Wegenke

@Ayysturg1 wrote I just found out that my school principal Bart Wegenke passed away today due to pancreatic cancer. Bart was one of the favorite people at that school. He was so nice and fun to talk to about anything, even things he knew nothing about. I’m sad I can’t say more in this tweet.


@AlfordCMUAD wrote Very sad to hear about the passing of Bart Wegenke. He was a top official in our league and a true professional. Condolences to his family and friends from @CMUAthletics and @CMUniversity

@CoachFinamore wrote Such sad news out of the Haslett Community. Bart Wegenke has passed away. What a great man! Loved our conversations when I would see him. Outstanding principal and college hoops official – better person. R.I.P. Bart – my condolences to the Wegenke family.

Dr. Steve Gabriel wrote I send my heartfelt condolences to the family of Bart Wegenke and the Haslett Public School Community. I am shocked and saddened by his passing. Bart was a friend and mentor and he will be truly missed by all who knew him. RIP

@principalwedge wrote My old principal, Bart Wegenke told me back in 2016 that he’d expel me if If I didn’t get my grades up above an F by April. When April arrived, I was still failing Math but Mr Wegenke saw that I was trying and chose not to expel me. You were a genuinely good guy. Rest In Peace.


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