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Brianna Coppage leaked video on onlyf, Teacher suspended for leaks

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Brianna Coppage leaked video on onlyf, Teacher suspended for leaks

A teacher, whose extracurricular activities involved producing offensive content and selling it online, has been suspended after her students uncovered the content. Brianna Coppage was placed on leave on September 27 after being questioned by two administrators from St. Clair High School. Her access to school email and other software was blocked following the students’ disclosure.

The 28-year-old, who used the pseudonym Brinley Love, created adult content on various adult websites, and while she had anticipated this situation, Brianna is now facing the consequences. Despite her accomplishments outside the classroom, she has always feared that her secret would one day be exposed.

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Now, Brianna no longer has to contend with the looming “dark cloud” as her explicit photos and sales have been discovered by her students, leading to her suspension, as confirmed by the school’s principal.

“I always felt there was a dark cloud hanging over my head, never knowing when I’d be discovered,” Brianna shared with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Then, about two weeks ago, my husband and I were informed that people had found out about this. So, I knew this day would come.”

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Brianna began to worry about her side business when she and her husband appeared in a video alongside two adult stars with large followings.

The school district’s Superintendent, Kyle Crews, acknowledged that they were recently alerted to an employee potentially posting inappropriate content on one or more internet platforms. The district has sought legal counsel to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Actions taken following the investigation will align with board policy and legal counsel’s guidance.

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Brianna, who has taught freshmen and sophomores at the college level and provided courses to first and sophomore students, earns between £6,500 ($8,000) and £81,000 ($10,000) a month on top of her school salary. She understands that she may never teach again but remains unapologetic about her choices, although she does express regret over the situation and missing her students.

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