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Coco and Grace fight video twitter leaked, TikTok star Coco Bliss arrested

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Coco and Grace fight video twitter leaked, TikTok star Coco Bliss arrested

The ongoing feud between TikTok sensations Coco Bliss and Grace escalated significantly on September 6, 2023, as it appeared that the dispute turned physical.

Both Coco and Grace boast substantial followings on TikTok, with Coco, who is also a music artist, amassing 3 million followers, while Grace has garnered over 1 million followers.

The altercation made headlines after a video of their altercation surfaced, sparking discussions and concerns among their fans.

The feud had been brewing for some time, and tensions reached a boiling point when both individuals coincidentally found themselves staying at the same New York City hotel.

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The incident reportedly began when Coco entered an elevator just as Grace was exiting. In Coco’s words, “She attempted to pull out her phone to provoke me, so I took her phone from her hand, and things escalated.”

The public first became aware of their ongoing feud when Grace shared a video teasing her audience with a glimpse of a red wig, captioned, “Guess who.” Prior to this, Coco had worn a red wig in a TikTok video, sparking immediate speculation among fans that the two were finally burying the hatchet.

Video footage of their altercation circulated online, with Coco even posting the video on TikTok, showing the two engaging in what appeared to be a WWE-style showdown in front of an elevator.

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Other videos showed Coco with visible cuts on her forehead, sans the wig, while some discussions revolved around potential legal action against Grace over the incident.

Remarkably, Coco appeared relatively unfazed by the situation, addressing it in a follow-up video by saying, “Baby, you just took my wig and scratched my face.”

Coco also shared her perspective on the situation in a separate video, where she claimed to be working on obtaining CCTV footage from the hotel to bolster her side of the story.

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However, it seems the legal implications are not in their favor. Rapper iHeartMemphis, Coco’s former boyfriend, posted a video of Coco’s arrest and alleged that Grace had called the police.

In another video, an officer stated, “As part of our investigation, we saw this video. She was assaulted,” apparently referring to Coco. “That’s pretty much it.”

As of now, no further details have been disclosed regarding the incident.

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