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Emeline Rochefeuille leaked video on reddit, Internet personality on twitter

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Emeline Rochefeuille leaked video on reddit, Internet personality on twitter

The Channel Islands now have a professional ballet company run by former Canadian dancer Carolyn Rose Ramsay. She remembers rehearsing at the Potato Warehouse and sharing ambitious plans.


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Emeline Rochefeuille leaked

“I’ve never seen so many colorful flags in my life,” says Carolyn Rose Ramsay when we meet in Jersey, an island teeming with summer festivals . In January, the Vancouver-born former dancer founded Ballet d’Jèrri, the Channel Islands’ first professional ballet company, here. Six months later they performed at the Spoleto Festival in Italy. Can an island with the population of Woking support a national ballet? How did the Canadians bring this to market?

It started almost by accident, but making it work was firmly planned. Ramsay has performed with the National Ballet of Cuba, Miami City Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet and Norwegian National Ballet. You can recognize her as a ballet dancer at a glance: tall and straight, neatly dressed, and fashionable. She moaned softly as she shifted back and forth in the chair. “My back was killing me.” The dangerous legacy of herniated discs hastened the end of her dance career. Quitting ballet is like quitting military service: you suddenly lose the structure of your life. So Ramsey’s strategy was to jump right into a new project. She trained as a pilot in Canada and obtained her license. “But it turns out my attention span is too short to stay in a little box for that long,” she said. “So I got into the aviation operations side.”

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Emeline Rochefeuille

While working as a flight dispatcher in England, Ramsay began to miss theater and began looking for work in the arts. She found a job at a classical music organization in Jersey, and almost immediately after moving there, coronavirus hit her. With borders closed, Ramsay has had time to slow down. “I started thinking: What do I want to do? What excites me? Whatever I have to offer, how is it going to benefit anyone else?”

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Emeline Rochefeuille reddit

Ramsay wanted to bring the dance group to Jersey, but the cost of visiting the island was prohibitive. Some friends said that it would be better to start my own company. “I thought he was joking, but I thought, well, I’ve got some time, I might as well put together a spreadsheet and start looking at some numbers…”

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Emeline Rochefeuille on twitter

We now live in a studio in the leisure center on Mount St. Helier. The stone building, a 19th-century fortress, is now home to some badminton players and an abandoned soft sports centre. On a pole in the center of the room, dancers perform the ritual of their daily classes, gradually shedding their puffy clothes as the heat rises. Ramsay had 1,000 applicants for the company’s nine positions, “which was a little overwhelming,” she said. After seeing audition videos, they invited 75 people to audition for themselves. One of the selected crew members is from Jersey, with other members from abroad, reflecting the nature of the dance industry.

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