Our overall verdict "Abysmal"

It’s not a lie that both FALZ The Bahd Guy and Childish Gambino Both  engaged in a song with same format. Shutting down populated arenas, dropping chart-topping hits and getting all the publicity they deserve.

These guys are in the best time of their lives. While controversies still swirls around Falz private life with fans accusing him of copying Childish Gambino,both in the music and video pattern.

While both artistes have been involved in back to back hits, it seemed fans are just sticking to one hit song however.

For Falz, This Is Nigeria  is still making waves for him in the music industry, the music wave is back and fans are feeling the heat worldwide.

“This is Nigeria. Look how we living, nah! Look what we eating, nah!” he riffs to the camera.
Machetes replace the guns of the US version, where Gambino questions his compatriots about life for black people and police brutality. That version has been viewed more than 220 million times on YouTube in the last month. “This is Nigeria” was released on the video-sharing platform on May 25 and paints an unforgiving picture of life in Africa’s most populous nation. Despite having generated billions of dollars from oil, more than 70 percent of Nigeria’s 180 million people live in poverty, corruption is endemic and violent unrest commonplace. If the track arouses passions, it’s because it overturns the status quo.
Click on the below links to listen and what Falz – This is Nigeria audio and video:
AMD launching Vega 20 on 7nm with 32GB HBM2 at Computex 2018 Home News Gaming Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ recreated in Fortnite ‘This is Fortnite’ is a recreation of Childish Gambino’s mega-hit ‘This is America’ Childish Gambino’s runaway hit ‘This is America’ has been one of the most discussed music videos of the year, and now it has been recreated in Fortnite.

 YouTuber ‘WiZiBlimp’ recreated most of the clip in Fortnite, calling it ‘This is Fortnite’ and captures the best moments of the clip. Most of the comments on YouTube are positive, everyone loves it. WiZiBlimp has done a great job and should be commended. If you liked the song This is America, you should love This is Fortnite. If you loved Fortnite and haven’t seen the This is America video, you need to get on it!

Click on the below links to listen and watch Childish Gambino – This is America audio and video:

So 👇

Who killed/slay the song most? Falz – This is Nigeria or Childish Gambino – This is America?

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