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Fulton County detention officer video Kawana Jenkins leaked on twitter

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Fulton County detention officer video Kawana Jenkins leaked on twitter

Kawana Jenkins, aged 36, has been charged with multiple offenses, including two counts of inappropriate sexual contact by an employee or agent, five counts of breach of oath by an officer, two counts of reckless conduct, two counts of prisoner cruelty, and one count of obtaining, procuring, or administering a prohibited substance to a prisoner.

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The events leading up to Jenkins’ arrest were captured on a contraband cell phone seized during a Fulton County Jail raid. After reviewing the footage, the sheriff’s office terminated Jenkins’ employment and arrested her. Jenkins had been working at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office since December 2019.

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In January, a search of the jail resulted in the confiscation of 11 mobile phones, along with weapons. Investigators analyzed the phones and discovered footage of Jenkins sitting on an inmate’s lap and engaging in inappropriate behavior, including kissing him. The prisoner asked Jenkins for a specific item, and she gave him a pair of designer Cartier glasses.

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Sheriff Pat Rabat was made aware of the footage and promptly fired Jenkins while ordering her arrest on multiple charges, including violating her oath of office.

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