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Gungungupta137 viral video MMS link Ka viral video download link news video leaked

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Gungungupta137 viral video MMS link Ka viral video download link news video leaked

In a distressing and worrisome turn of events, reports have surfaced regarding influencer Gungun Gupta and an alleged private video, sparking extensive discussions on the internet. In situations like these, it is crucial to seek the truth.

The circulating video purportedly involves the well-known Instagram influencer and YouTuber Gungun Gupta in a private video call with an individual named Deepu Chawla. The leaked footage allegedly depicts the influencer undressing during the call, rapidly spreading across various social media platforms and messaging apps.

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As of now, the 19-year-old influencer Gungun has not issued a public statement in response to these allegations. However, it is noteworthy that many of his fans and followers stand by him, asserting that the viral video is fake and unrelated to the renowned social media influencer.

Tragically, there have been reports of suicide linked to the viral video, and Gungun Gupta has faced online trolling and harassment. Claims of Gungun taking his own life have circulated, but it is imperative to exercise caution and await official confirmation. The truth amidst these rumors remains under investigation, with no official statements from law enforcement agencies at this time.

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The news of the alleged suicide emerged following the viral video. People initiated online trolling against Gungun Gupta after the private video leak. Subsequently, news of Gungun’s supposed suicide gained traction, with various individuals posting about it.

Several videos circulated, claiming that Gungun took his own life due to the private video leak controversy. One user even posted on social media, stating “RIPGUNGUNGUPTA…hanged himself.” However, many netizens responded, dismissing it as fake news.

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It is essential to emphasize that the truth behind these rumors is yet to be verified. No official confirmation or statements from the police have been issued at this time.

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