How lady discovered boyfriend’s ‘mum’ is actually his lover

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A lady has narrated a shocking story of how the woman her boyfriend of three years called his mother was actually his lover.

According to the lady who preferred to remain anonymous, her boyfriend introduced her to the woman as his mother after one year of dating. Though he claimed his father was dead and siblings staying abroad.

The unsuspecting lady normally visits her supposed in-law on weekends carry out some chores for her. The cat would be let out of the bag when she read a WhatsApp chat on her boyfriends phone.

See full gist below;

Hi ,keep my Handle anonymous, the woman that my boyfriend of 3 years calls his mum is actually his sugar mummy, we dated for a year, before he finally agreed to take me to his family, only for him to bring me to this woman’s house as his mum, claimed his dad is dead and his siblings are all abroad, for two years and.. I was calling this lady, seeing her as my mother in law to be, I go on weekends, cook, clean and even wash her stuff, she directs me to do things at her will, sends me errand and sometimes ask me weird questions like hope I’m fuckin her son well, how I should treat him and all that.. I realized this on their whatsapp chat and I tried confronting them but I feel threatened already. Under my nose for three years, I never knew such thing will happen. My boyfriend literally lives with her in her place all these years. Yet lie to me in my face. Takes money for me and give her sugar mum, I keep buying gifts for this lady.

How lady discovered boyfriend's 'mum' is actually his lover lailasnews 2

How lady discovered boyfriend's 'mum' is actually his lover lailasnews 1

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