Lala Akindoju Reacts to Video of Men Sexualising 6 Year Old Girls

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Lala Akindoju Reacts to Video of Men Sexualising 6 Year Old Girls

Yesterday, social media went ago over video of Rave TV presenter, Lolo, trying to educate two men who are of the opinion that five year old girls on shorts are sexually attractive.

Among the many reactions that have trailed the video, actress, Lala Akindoju also places as one of those condemning the men’s thought processes.

According to her, the men represents the minds of so many educated Nigerian men. We have a long way to go in the country, she tweeted.

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Lala Akindoju gives reasons why we should all be feminists.

According to the actress, this is one of the reasons why everyone should be feminists. Not for equal rights with men, she said but for the rights of the girl child.

She wrote;

They should start showing themselves! These men think a child in shorts is revealing her body sexually. This is just a sneak peek into the minds of the average Nigerian man. Yet we want Yaba male traders to stop harassing women. We have so much work to do! Sad!!!

She added:

I know some of us struggle with the term feminism but this is why we all need to be feminists. We are not fighting for equal rights yet. The girl child/woman is not on the same level as her male counterparts. Nobody’s fusses on boys ‘dressing properly’ or ‘sitting properly.

The actress also stated that male children are also molested by men and women. The odds, however, she says is against the female child..

Boys are also being abused by MEN & WOMEN (even though statistics say the men are still more). But does anyone accuse the boys of dressing indecently and being the cause for the rape/abuse? Can we see that the odds are already against the girl child?





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