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Michaela Fialová onlyfans leaked, videos and photos on twitter and reddit

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Michaela Fialová onlyfans leaked, videos and photos on twitter and reddit

She’s a feline enthusiast with a knack for weaponry, gaining international recognition beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. While hunter Michaela Fialová has been a dream figure for many, she recently found her official partner, standing proudly by her side. Enter 27-year-old Slovak Miroslav Trauer, an elite French Foreign Legion veteran, survival expert, and combatant against poachers in South America. Their shared dedication to wildlife conservation brought them together, as Michaela shared with Expres.

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Previously, Michaela faced criticism, particularly from various animal protection organizations. However, over the years, she successfully reshaped her public image.

Beyond her success on OnlyFans, Michaela actively engages in anti-poaching efforts in Africa. It was through this work that she encountered her new love, the rugged Miroslav.

“When I was on anti-poaching patrols in Africa, he watched and reached out to me, or a mutual acquaintance connected us. Miroslav, having battled poachers in the forests of South America, expressed his interest in joining me for anti-poaching patrols during his legion downtime, given his considerable experience. That’s how we met,” Michaela Fialová explained to Expres.

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“We engage in hunting together, practice marksmanship, and I still fly small planes while he jumps out of them, so we share many adventurous activities. Miroslav and his colleagues have initiated a significant project, teaching people survival skills in extreme conditions, drawing from his three years in the jungle (more about the project HERE). We share the same life philosophy,” Michaela added.

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“My childhood dream was to become a soldier. Around the age of ten, my family encouraged my involvement in sports and an adventurous lifestyle. At around fourteen, I decided to join the legion. I researched everything about it, knowing where to go and that I wanted to join the paratroopers in 2REP,” shared Miroslav with the Slovak website Startitup.

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