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Moody Awori Obituary – Death, Has Passed Away: Former Vice President Moody Awori Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P

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Moody Awori Obituary – Death, Has Passed Away: Former Vice President Moody Awori Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P

Moody Awori has Died : Death – Dead, Obituary, Cause of Death, Memorial, Funeral

The death news of Moody Awori has reached into the hearings of 360NG and we kindly from our kind and deepest heart give our condolences to the family of the deceased.

‘Moody Awori ‘ has Passed Away.

Friends and families of the deceased are mourning the death of their loved and cherished Moody Awori .

About Moody Awori, Who is Moody Awori?

About Moody Awori includes the Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Background, Relationship Status, Images, Video, Audio, and Everything you need to Know About Moody Awori.

Check Out Moody Awori Biography, Profile, Wiki, Age, Net Worth and Social Profile

Former Vice President Moody Awori, dies at age 94. Awori who served as Funyula MP was appointed as VP in 2003 after the demise of Kijana Wamalwa. In 2007 elections he lost to ODM’s Paul Otwoma who is now the Busia governor.

Arthur Moody Awori, known as “Uncle Moody”, a former Kenyan politician, served as the ninth Vice President of Kenya from September 25, 2003 to January 9, 2008. He is also the author of “Riding a Tiger,” an autobiography of his career in politics.

Arthur Moody Awori was born in Butere, the capital of the former Butere/Mumias district, to Canon Jeremiah Awori and Mariamu Awori. He is one of their 16 children, many of whom have held various senior positions in politics, medicine and other fields.

Awori’s older brother, Musa, died from a snake bite when he was a baby. His older brother, WWW Awori, was a member of the Legislative Council in the 1950s. His younger brother, Agrey Awori, is a Ugandan politician who came third in the 2001 presidential election. His older sister, Mary Okelo, is the founder and executive director of Makini Schools.

His brother, Professor Nelson Wanyama Awori, led a team that successfully performed the first kidney transplant in sub-Saharan Africa in 1978 at the Nairobi Hospital. [6] Another brother, Hannington Ochwada Awori, was one of the pioneers of civil engineering in Kenya.

Moody Awori attended Mang’u High School and later joined Kakamega School. He then studied at Makerere University in Uganda. He is a devout Catholic.

Moody Awori was first elected MP in 1984 as MP for the Funyula Constituency in Busia District in the Western Province.[1][8] He held various deputy ministerial posts under President Daniel arap Moi. [1][8]

In 2002, Avori broke with the ruling Kanu party, joined the opposition party National Rainbow Alliance, and served as the chairman of NARC’s highest decision-making body. Awori became Home Secretary in January 2003 when Moi was succeeded by Mwai Kibaki, and then Vice President in September 2003 (while still in charge of Home Affairs) following the death of previous Vice President Michael Kijana Wamalwa. in London.

He lost his parliamentary seat in the December 2007 parliamentary elections. On January 8, 2008, Kibeki appointed Carlonzo Musioca to succeed Awwori as Vice President and Minister of the Interior,[10] and Awwori relinquished the position on January 9. Describing Musyoka as “a friend and political son”, Awori said he believed Musyoka was “up to the task”, while Musyoka said he had “deep respect” for Awori, whom he called a “true gentleman”.

Moody Awori Biography, Wikipedia, Age and Net worth can be read from search engine such as google and wikipedia

The death news of Moody Awori was known to us and confirmed on social media.


What Killed Moody Awori?, How Did Moody Awori Died?

See Moody Awori Cause of Death Below:

The Cause of Death of Moody Awori has not been known to us or confirmed yet!!but information will be updated once it is revealed.


Moody Awori Memorial | Funeral | Burial | GoFundMe

Location of Memorial has not been disclosed yet, we will update you once information has been revealed..

A GoFundMe Page is not available for the the deceased Moody Awori yet!!. You can continue checking this page for an update on the GoFundMe Page for your contribution and support for the deceased family.

Moody Awori Tributes

What People Say about Moody Awori !!!


Moody Awori Death – Obituary, Has Passed Away: Moody Awori Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P

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