Nashwa Ali Holt death: How Did Nashwa Ali Holt Die

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Nashwa Ali Holt Death: Nashwa Ali Holt passed away on the 14th of May, 2019. Details about How Did Nashwa Ali Holt Die have not yet been announced.

Holt death was first received from Iman Pahlavi who happens to be her surviving sibling.

Tribute to Nashwa Ali Holt

Iman Pahlavi who was the first person to broadcast the death of her beloved sister Nashwa Ali Holt have this to say about her sister;

My beautiful sister, Dr. Nashwa Ali Holt, has passed away.

Nashwa means joy and no one could bring joy like Nashwa. Razor-sharp, funny and full of life, she always had so much to say. She was stunningly beautiful, inside and out. She was brilliant and gifted and always had an artistic flair. She had the biggest heart, that would envelop you completely and she loved and cared deeply.

As many of you know, she also had her struggles. Those struggles brought out the worst in her: harsh words and a ferocious fury. Like a storm, these would pass, and she seemed almost bewildered by the damage they had left behind.

I know everyone has their own memories and experiences of Nashwa but I ask, if it is possible, to remember her at her best and forgive her for her worst. She loved everyone deeply and struggled with abandonment that sometimes she had created. If she wasn’t fair or truthful about something, please know that came from fear and pain.

For me, she will forever be my tiny little sister with big round eyes. Her compassion was endless. She genuinely cared about people and their struggles. The world was a richer more dynamic place with her in it. I will never write as well as her or touch people like she did. Today my parents have only one child left.

Her sons, William and Luke, are so very young and have been through so much. Please pray for her and for them. Our hearts are completely broken. Thank you for caring for her beautiful soul.

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