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Robin padilla live selling video, Mariel Padilla reacts to her husband’s livestream,

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Robin padilla live selling video, Mariel Padilla reacts to her husband’s livestream,

In a live sales meeting hosted by Mariel Padilla, an unintentional exposure incident occurred involving her husband, Senator Robin Padilla.

The incident took place during a live sales event on September 23, 2023, where Mariel and Robin were endorsing dietary supplements.

In video footage from the live session, Robin can be seen preparing the supplement, vigorously shaking it in a drinking container. Unexpectedly, as he leaned forward, it became evident that he was not wearing any underwear beneath his abaya, a traditional Muslim robe.

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The inadvertently exposed video quickly circulated on various social media platforms. sought Mariel’s reaction to the incident involving her husband. Mariel responded via a Facebook message, stating, “I think it doesn’t need to be discussed.” She added that there was no need for further comments.

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As of now, Robin Padilla has not issued any statement or response regarding the incident.

This incident is not the first time Robin Padilla has faced unexpected exposure. In 2011, he publicly apologized for a controversial “boxer shorts” scene featured in a documentary about his love story with Mariel.

The documentary titled “Iisang Landas: Ang Kuwentong Pag-Ibig ni Robin at Mariel” is distributed by ABS-CBN. During that time, Robin acknowledged the situation, saying, “I’m going to offend you.” He further mentioned that while it wasn’t a problem, the intensity of the scene was significant. He humorously stated that it wouldn’t be long before they found their boxer briefs, emphasizing the need for underwear.

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