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5 Fast Facts

Stanley & Shaniya Lawton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Shaniya Lawton Facebook

Stanley and Shaniya Lawton are a father and daughter duo based in the Las Vegas area. The two individuals are accused of kidnapping then sexually assaulting a woman in the Las Vegas area. Their full names are Stanley Alfred Lawton and Shaniya Nicole Pouche-Lawton.

During a news conference on Friday, November 8, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Captain Eduardo Hernandez said that Stanley was arrested the Wednesday prior in Palmdale, California, and that Shaniya was arrested in the same area a day later. Hernandez said military police found the victim cold and abandoned by a highway and in bad medical condition. They took the woman to the hospital, and she’s since been released and is back in Las Vegas.

Hernandez said, “It’s a vicious case; it’s at gunpoint, by force. That victim is then transported across state lines, held in a house inside a room for at least a week. We don’t know what kind of conditions she was held in. At some point she was sexually assaulted and then left for dead.”

Here’s what you need to know about Stanley & Shaniya Lawton:

1. Both Stanley & Shaniya Have Been Charged in the Kidnapping & Sexual Assault of a Woman in Her 40s

Stanley Lawton

Stanley and Shaniya Lawton are accused of kidnapping a woman at gunpoint, abducting her, taking her across state lines, and holding her captive for approximately a week in California. They’re also accused of raping and sexually assaulting that woman.

Stanley and Shaniya each face seven criminal counts: kidnapping to commit robbery, kidnapping from outside the state, attempted robbery, rape, and an additional three counts of ATM robbery. Per court records, Stanley is being held on $4.5 million bail, and Shaniya is being held on $1 million bail.

2. Officials Say Stanley & Shaniya Knew the Woman They Allegedly Kidnapped

Shaniya Lawton

Authorities say Shaniya and Stanley knew the woman they kidnapped, and confirmed that the woman is not related to either of the Lawtons. However, they have not disclosed whether or not a motive for the horrific acts is yet clear.

3. Shaniya, 22, Lives in North Las Vegas With Her Family

Shaniya Nicole Pouche-Lawton

Shaniya lives in North Las Vegas, according to her Facebook. Her Facebook bio reads, “Gatti’s Property 🔐 7/16″. Shaniya rarely posts her own statuses to Facebook, but she frequently shares videos and memes from other accounts.

4. Stanley Was Involved in a Contentious Custody Battle in 2015

Stanley Lawton Facebook

Stanley goes by “Darue Jahi” on Facebook, as well as “Big Too Sweet.” His Facebook bio reads, “I find it difficult to understand why loyalty became extinct…ON MY OWN DTP 2019.” Per The Las Vegas Review Journal, Stanley came into contact with the law in 2015 for a contentious child custody case, in which the mother of some of Stanley’s children (not Shaniya) claimed he was abusive, and he alleged that she was unfit to care for their children.

The publication further reports that the woman claimed Stanley had previously been convicted of manslaughter and sent to jail for ten years. Stanley admitted that he did spend 10 years in prison starting when he was 17, but the publication does not confirm what he went to prison for. There is no proof of this incarceration in Clark County Records.

5. Stanley Frequently Posts Statuses to Facebook About Love, Respect, & Relationships

Shaniya Lawton

Stanley frequently posts to his Facebook regarding matters of his personal beliefs. On October 20, Stanley wrote, “If you disrespect your parents your children will disrespect you…so how is that good for building a solid structure….it isnt. #wiseup #wakeup DTP”

On October 18, he wrote to his Facebook friends,

Just a shout out to say i love you and respect all the support over the yrs thus one day ill depart and relocate without notice…but ill always return because my legacy has already been engraved in hearts,minds,bodys and souls……..Here,Since 2004 i have did it alone even when i was in relationships so it doesnt make any difference nor does it feel any different in my position as a solid……so to all my friends,families & loved ones…..believe in you nomatter what, and i guarantee you wont lay down unless you make the bed…The Prophet,DTP BTS


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