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Surprising: 10 Benefits Of Sex For Your Health

Surprising: 10 Benefits Of Sex For Your Health


  1. Less stress

Having sex will lower your blood pressure and also your general stress level will plummet. A study of 24 women and 22 men has shown that the subjects who had sex from time to time responded better to stress and tension. Another study has also revealed that having sex lowers blood pressure. In women, a connection can even be made between a hug with their partner and a reduction in their blood pressure. At Lustplugs you will find various sex techniques and sex toys here.


  1. Enhanced immunity

The moment you have a good sex life, then your general health will often be better. By having sex regularly, your immune system will be strengthened. As soon as you have sex once or twice a week, the number of antibodies will be increased. These antibodies provide protection against simple colds, but also against a lot of other infections.


  1. Lose body weight

By having sex with your sweetheart for half an hour, you burn at least 85, but often even more, calories. That in itself may not seem like much, but if you want to lose weight, every calorie that you have burned counts. Sex can certainly be considered as a good way to get moving. Moreover, having sex is just a lot more fun than spending hours in the gym.


  1. Cardiovascular diseases

Unfortunately, there are still some, especially older people, who are afraid of having sex. They think that sex can cause a heart attack. However, a study of 914 men revealed the opposite. After all, the researchers discovered that the subjects who had sex twice a week were less likely to have a fatal heart attack than the men who only had sex once a week. There are, therefore, worse things to think of to prevent heart disease.


    1. Increase self-confidence


Increasing your self-confidence is one of the countless reasons why people want to make love. Although this is very logical in itself, it is important that you feel somewhat comfortable with yourself. People who are extremely insecure have certain inhibitions during sex. If you are already sure of yourself, a sex party will certainly increase self-confidence. This is absolutely the case if there is sex between people who love each other and really want to make love with each other.


  1. Intimacy

Having sex and getting orgasms will increase the level of oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is also popularly called the love hormone. This substance helps to forge a bond between two lovers and to trust each other. Research has also shown that oxytocin makes you smarter and that is a perk that is only nicely included.


  1. Pain relief

However, the aforementioned oxytocin substance has another useful effect. After all, the substance has a natural analgesic effect. The moment you suffer from headache, arthritis or menstrual pain, oxytocin can cause these to decrease. However, this means that you will have to make love with your love. Fortunately, that is not a problem for most people and a good alternative to taking all kinds of chemical painkillers. Because of the analgesic effect of sex, you also have no reason to use a headache as an excuse for not having sex.


  1. Prostate cancer

If male twenties get an ejaculation from time to time, the risk of prostate cancer will decrease. In later life, these men have a third less chance of developing this cancer. Ejaculation can be caused by sex with your love, but also as a result of self-gratification. So from now on you have an excellent excuse to combine the useful with the pleasant.


  1. Strong pelvic floor muscles

A woman who regularly exercises exercises with her pelvic floor muscles during sex, will generally enjoy the sex more. In addition, the muscles in the pelvic floor will become stronger as they are trained more often. Strong pelvic floor muscles are essential to minimize the risk of incontinence at a later age. An exercise of the pelvic floor muscles consists of tense these three beats and then relax again. If you want to know exactly where the pelvic floor muscles are in your body, you can suddenly stop your urine during urination.


  1. Improve your night’s sleep

The oxytocin that is released during cum will help you sleep better. A good night’s sleep is of great importance for everyone. Not only will you get more rested, but this will also help you to maintain a healthy body weight. Resting well during the night will also keep your blood pressure low. A sex party before going to bed is therefore a good nightcap.





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