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Tashonna Ward Death – Obituary : Tashonna Ward, Black Milwaukee Died After Long E.R Wait. » AGRL Tragedy

Tashonna Ward Death – Obituary : Tashonna Ward, Black Milwaukee Died After Long E.R Wait.

Tashonna Ward, a Black Milwaukee woman Died After Long E.R Wait.

Tashonna Ward Cause of death

Tashonna Ward, who reportedly waited more than two hours in the emergency room, then left the hospital to find better care and died.

Tashonna Ward Death Queries

Ward’s family is seeking answers from Froedtert Hospital, where she spent more than two hours in the emergency department before she left to find quicker care and, later, collapsed. She had reported chest pain and tightness of breath.


Robby Steffen Tell that to Tashonna Ward.. Who went to Froedtert Hospital with chest pain and waited 2 hours.. TWO HOURS in the ER in a Milwaukee hospital.. Left in hopes of getting treated in a timely manner & died!



Jane Moore wrote “Tashonna Ward, 25-year-old daycare teacher from Milwaukee…died Jan. 2…waited over two hours in emergency room of Froedtert Hospital before leaving to find faster help…collapsed & died shortly after.” Why wasn’t she seen sooner for severe chest pains & trouble breathing? Rizzo GUN wrote this tashonna ward story is upsetting. 25yo in milwaukee WENT to the hospital to get checked out.. only to wait 6 hrs.. leave to try to get help elsewhere … & dies Matthew Reid wrote RIP Tashonna Ward, another black woman whose symptoms were not taken seriously by emergency services which resulted in her premature death. I am so angry right now


Brandon Boyd wrote #TashonnaWard: RIP to Tashonna Ward who waited in a #Milwaukee hospital ER for hours seeking help until she collapsed & died. In spite of complaining about chest pains & shortness of breath, the hospital failed to connect her to a doctor in time. #UNACCEPTABLE


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