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‘The Bachelor’ Winner 2020: What We Know So Far

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The season premiere of The Bachelor is here, and fans are already itching to find out which of Peter Weber’s 30 contestants wins this season of the show.

Read on to find out what we know about this season’s winner, but beware of spoilers. This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available. 

Reality Steve readers are well aware that as of the January 6 premiere, it is unclear who the winner of this season of The Bachelor is. In his January 2 post, Reality Steve acknowledged that for the first time ever, he does not know who this season’s winner is four days headed into the premiere. Why is that? Because it’s very likely there is no winner yet.

What do we mean? Read on for details.

This Season Will Not Have a ‘Normal’ Ending

In his post, Reality Steve shares that this season will not have a normal ending– this he something he is sure of. He also knows that the final rose ceremony filmed on November 17 in Australia. But he says there are six possible outcomes at this point in time as to how the show ended: “1) He’s with Madison, but they’re not engaged 2) He’s with Madison and they’re engaged 3) He’s with Hannah Ann, but they’re not engaged 4) He’s with Hannah Ann and they’re engaged 5) He’s single a la Brad Womack where he got to the end and told both women he wasn’t interested and rejected both of them and he’s single and plans on staying that way 6) He’s single but that doesn’t mean he’ll be single either by the time the ATFR rolls around.”

Steve then goes on to offer two pieces of information that may help “solve the puzzle” of what happens in the finale. The first is that Peter did not get engaged to anyone at the final rose ceremony. Obviously, this doesn’t mean he’s not engaged today. It’s possible he got engaged later. He could also get engaged on the After the Final Rose.

Another interesting piece of info worth noting is that Madison’s father did not give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter. Reality Steve surmises that it’s possible Peter got Madison’s dad’s permission later on.

The Rumors Floating Around

Reality Steve does reference one incident that has gotten a lot of attention over the past few weeks– and that, strangely enough, took place on Tik Tok. Apparently, a woman named Lilly Sitver says she was in an Acai bowl place in Tennessee a few weeks ago, and Hannah Ann Sluss was there. Lilly apparently told Steve that she heard Hannah Sluss Facetiming with a guy who Lilly believes was Peter Weber. Lilly told Steve they were talking about apartments in LA together.

Steve says there wasn’t necessarily proof this went down, so he didn’t want to acknowledge it on his own website, but fans can obviously choose to believe it if they want.

Marie Clarie also did some digging into the social media profiles of the top two: Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, and realized the two are not interacting much on social media, while other members of the final four are.

At this point in time, what we know is that this season will not have a typical ending, and Peter is either single, or engagd. We don’t know right now who the winner is, and it could very well be Madison Prewett (he could have gotten her father’s blessing later) or he could be with Hannah Ann Sluss (and the Tik Tok story could be right.)

We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available, but for now, you’ll have to tune in to The Bachelor at 8pm ET/PT on ABC to see how it all starts to unfold.

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