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Viral Post: Prophet Fufeyin challenges Marine Kingdom over the burial of Junior Pope, Prophet Odumeje no put mouth for this Matter hot ooo…? Spiritual ABITOSHAKER”

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However, amidst the prayers and condolences pouring in for the deceased actor and his colleagues, a controversial comment about their deaths caught the attention of renowned Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. In a shocking revelation, a self-proclaimed agent of the marine kingdom declared that the unfortunate boat accident was a result of a sacrifice demanded by the water spirits. The agent further claimed that Junior Pope and his companions must be buried beside the river Niger, where the incident occurred. Prophet Fufeyin, known for his bold and unapologetic defense of Christianity, wasted no time in responding to this anti-Christ message. In a video message, the billionaire prophet challenged the marine kingdom agent, stating that “water power is less than Jesus Christ power.”
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Social media interaction @Ada__Okoro “Junior Pope should not be buried by the river, marine spirits should do their worse, Africans and religious Superstitions are 5&6. Haba, who do us, “who does that?” according to Junior Pope @JumokeOlawuyi_ says “Saying Jesus Christ will bow to marine powers is an extremely careless statement, God bless Prophet Jeremiah for speaking against that anti Christ narrative”
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Another twitter user @Fidelis_Okonknwo says “who do us un Nigeria, you believe in your marine power no problem, but speaking against Jesus Christ is not accepted, that’s wrong and I commend Prophet Fufeyin for speaking against His statement, though seemingly short and simple, carries a powerful message. By invoking the name of Jesus Christ, Prophet Fufeyin highlights the supremacy of Christ’s power over any other force, even the water spirits that the agent claims to represent. Furthermore, Prophet Fufeyin boldly asserts that Junior Pope, alongside his fellow victims, must be buried right beside the river Niger where they tragically lost their lives. This response challenges the notion that their deaths were a result of spiritual sacrifice or a vindictive act by the marine kingdom.
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Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s unwavering faith in Christ’s power serves as an inspiration to his followers and believers worldwide. His strong stance not only brings comfort to the grieving families and fans of the deceased actor but also challenges the legitimacy of the claims made by individuals promoting the idea of harmful spiritual practices.
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