Wendy Williams repossesses Ferrari her husband bought mistress


Talk show host, Wendy Williams decided she’s finally had enough of her philandering husband of nearly 22 years and served him divorce papers at her TV studio in Manhattan last Thursday.

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Wendy Williams repossesses

The 47-year-old was fired from the show and as Wendy’s manager, a source on the show confirmed to DailyMail.

The source also said Hunter had been given 48 hours to remove his belongings from their marital home in Livingston, New Jersey as she was seen apartment hunting in New York City on Tuesday.

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Wendy Williams repossesses

Wendy reached her tipping point after learning Hunter had been living the high life with his decade-long mistress Sharina Hudson, who gave birth last month, splurging on Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and gifting her with diamonds.

Wendy Williams repossesses

Hunter released an apology on Tuesday admitting he was not ‘proud of his recent actions’ and was ‘trying to right some wrongs’ while taking ‘full accountability’ for what he had done.

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His groveling statement came after the flashy $215,000-plus gold Ferrari Portofino he gifted Hudson was seen being towed away – a day after Wendy hit him with the divorce papers.

Wendy Williams repossesses

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