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Who is Steven Crowder? Leaked Nashville shooter manifesto on twitter

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Who is Steven Crowder? Leaked Nashville shooter manifesto on twitter

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell has taken decisive action following the unauthorized release of three images from the Covenant school shooter’s writings, which came to light after conservative talk show host Steven Crowder publicly disclosed some of the documents.

Expressing his concerns, O’Connell remarked, “I have instructed Wally Dietz, Metro’s Law Director, to launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the release of these images. This investigation may involve collaboration with local, state, and federal authorities. The safety, security, and well-being of the Covenant families and all Nashvillians who are grieving are of paramount importance to me.”

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MRandom News Who is Steven Crowder? Leaked Nashville Shooter Manifesto on Twitter The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is actively probing the dissemination of these images and has confirmed that they are not crime scene images. In response to the distress caused by the release, the police department has made counselors available to assist Covenant families in coping with the emotional aftermath.

The Covenant School shooting, which occurred in March, tragically claimed the lives of three children and three adults, with the shooter also perishing during a confrontation with the police.

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Attorney David Raybin, who represents the shooter’s family, declared, “I have not seen the so-called manifesto, and neither have my clients. We did not leak it, and we are unable to verify the authenticity of what was released. Due to ongoing legal proceedings, it would be inappropriate to make any further statements at this time.”

The leaked images from the shooter’s writings were sourced from notebooks, with one image depicting a gloved hand holding the notebook, and another featuring a Metro Nashville Police SUV in the background. Two of the images exhibited different segments of notebook paper titled “Death Day,” featuring a schedule that did not align with the events of March 27. The writings were rife with hateful and graphic content, with one section expressing the shooter’s anticipation, nervousness, and desire for a high death toll.

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Another page, dated February 3, revealed the shooter’s unsettling views on children attending private schools and a disturbing inclination to cause harm to them. Each piece of paper appeared to be signed by the shooter.

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