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Zuum on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Chico Guerra and Mason Buechler on ‘Shark Tank.’

ZUUM is an electric shoe business founded by Chico Guerra and Mason Buechler. The duo will be appearing on the latest episode of Shark Tank to pitch their business, in the hopes that the distinguished panel of Sharks will invest.

ZUUM shoes are a lightweight transportation device that’s powered on electricity. “Our core vision is to reinvent the way people think about traveling,” their website states. “ZUUM shoes were invented for all kinds of fun around the house, trips across the neighborhood, those short commutes to work, and so much more.”

Will Guerra and Buechler win over the sharks? Will their show design before the future of transportation? Here’s what we know about the business and the men behind it.

1. ZUUM Offers Self-Balancing Electric Skates for $355

ZUUM shoes offer an eco-friendly alternative to motorcycles and gas-powered scooters. They are a self-balancing electric skate, which means that they are powered on electricity and are simple to move around in. The Bulletin reports that ZUUM shoes have a top speed of 8 MPH, and they are both water and dirt resistant.

ZUUM shoes be worn nonstop for an hour and a half, and can be fully charged within 2 hours. Due to their lightweight design, they are also easy to operate and portable to transport when they are not being worn. To move forward in the shoes, you simply lean forward, and to move back you lean backwards.

You can purchase ZUUM shoes through their official website or Amazon. They cost $300 plus tax and can purchased with either black or blue designs. You can check out the differing colors by clicking here.

2. Guerra Worked As a DJ & Sales Representative Before Co-Founding ZUUM

Guerra attended Corban University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. His LinkedIn profile states that worked as a salesman at various companies, including Saint Nicholas Photography and Deltek. For the former, Guerra wrote that he managed registers and checkout lines and “achieved highest sales rank within company with personal sales exceeding $7,000 in total time employed there.”

3. Guerra & Buechler Founded ZUUM As a Means of Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Guerra and Beuchler founded ZUUM in 2018. The former told The Bulletin that they wanted to find a way to reduce our carbon footprint, and they felt that a fashionable transportation device was the best way to go about that.

“Growing up in a city like Portland has instilled a passion for sustainability and innovation into each of our characters. When we wanted to bring those two worlds together, the idea of ZUUM emerged,” Guerra told Red Bull. “The inspiration for ZUUM came from our desire to disrupt and innovate on top of the current personal electric transportation market.”

4. ZUUM Shoes Have Raised Over $24 on KickStarter

Guerra and Buechler launched a KickStarter campaign for ZUUM in Marc 2019, and they have already managed to raise $24, 253. Guerra told Red Bull that the initial shipment the produced sold out quicker than they planned, and he feels that the combination of has been the biggest factor.

“There’s a fast growth in pop culture for alternative automotive transportation, and ZUUM envisions being a quality provider to consumers for that,” he explained. “Not only for hover shoes but e-bikes, e-boards, e-scooters, and e-unicycles alike.”

5. Guerra & Buechler Want a ‘Shark Tank’ Investor to Help Them  Eliminate Knock-Off Products

Shark Tank Blog reports that Guerra and Beuchler have already had to contend with imitation and knockoffs of their design, and they went a Shark Tank investor to help them eliminate the competition. They will also be looking to expand their brand visibility, and eventually get into chain stores.

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