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13 Jährige gequält video reddit, 13-year-old boy tortured for hours leaked video

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13 Jährige gequält video reddit, 13-year-old boy tortured for hours leaked video

Germany is reeling from yet another act of violence, following the tragic killing of 12-year-old Louise. In Heide, a group of teenagers aged between 12 and 17 allegedly tortured a 13-year-old and filmed the entire incident with a smartphone. The recordings were later made available online by FOCUS and the Schleswig-Holstein Zeitung. Shockingly, one of the perpetrators has now spoken out to defend the violence, while the victim’s mother is understandably devastated by the attack on her daughter.

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The footage of the incident is disturbing, showing the 13-year-old being hit in the nose and having soot and Coke poured over her head. The victim can be heard crying and begging for the abuse to stop, but the perpetrators continued and even agreed which girls were allowed to beat the 13-year-old. The five-minute video only shows a portion of the ordeal, which the victim’s mother claims lasted an entire afternoon. The attackers also allegedly extinguished a cigarette on the girl’s left cheek and set her hair on fire, as revealed in an interview with the mother.

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The victim was eventually rescued by a passerby who correctly assessed the situation and called for help. The perpetrator fled when a police car approached, but the victim was arrested again. She is currently receiving treatment in a day clinic, where doctors are caring for her.

One of the perpetrators has now come forward to express remorse, claiming that she was forced to participate by another woman. However, her explanation has been met with skepticism, and a psychologist has labeled her statement as typical of a perpetrator who feels stronger in a group. The group dynamics of the attack are also being scrutinized by authorities, with police acknowledging that clashes had taken place prior to the incident. Experts have suggested that perpetrators of such violence may be seeking to experience a sense of self-efficacy and strength.

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