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Alexandra Rusu of Onlyfans, videos and photos – economist at the OECD

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Alexandra Rusu of Onlyfans, videos and photos – economist at the OECD

Allow me to introduce Alejandra Ruso, a dedicated economist who passionately contributes to enhancing our lives through impactful public policies. 👩‍💼

🏢 Serving as an economist at the ** OECD ** and the ** CFE (Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions, and Cities) **, Alejandra’s primary focus lies in understanding the practical workings of institutions. Her goal is straightforward: to enhance the effectiveness of public policies for the benefit of citizens. 🌍

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💡 Identifying herself as a “public economist at heart,” Alejandra delves into areas where government plays a pivotal role. From promoting green innovation to addressing issues of redistribution and scrutinizing government procurement, Alejandra strives to ensure that governments fulfill their roles efficiently.

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📚 In her academic pursuits, Alejandra has delved into ** taxation **, exploring optimal ways to distribute tax burdens from an income perspective. Her research extends to government procurement, examining how public funds are allocated and how green innovation can propel us towards a zero-carbon economy.

💬 In Alejandra’s own words: “I focus on understanding how institutions operate in reality, aiming to uncover ways to enhance them.”

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🚀 Her unwavering commitment to these crucial issues underscores the belief that, through knowledge and action, we can construct a more sustainable and equitable future for all. 🌈

Let’s continue supporting dedicated experts like Alejandra Ruso in their pursuit of impactful solutions!

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