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Brendan Gibson Obituary – Death, Waterdown Hamilton, 911 Emergency Dispatcher Cause Of Death

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Brendan Gibson Obituary – Death, Waterdown Hamilton, 911 Emergency Dispatcher Cause Of Death

Death of Brendan Gibson – Brendan Gibson has reportedly died of unknown causes. The embers of family and friends are deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Brendan Gibson. Brendan Gibson is a member of the Ambulance Community Officers. Ambulance Community Officers, also known as ACOs, are first responders who are employed on a part-time basis to work “on call” in the community or nursing sector. This type of work is considered temporary work.

In rural and remote communities where ambulance numbers are low, ambulance services are not staffed full-time, or paramedics are often not arranged to work with a second paramedic trained to provide advanced first aid.

Who is Brandon Gibson?
Brendan Gibson was born and resides in Waterdown Hamilton, Ontario. He is a student at Waterdown District High School. Waterdown District High School is located at 215 Parkside Drive in Waterdown, Ontario. The school is part of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and serves the local community. In 1853, Waterdown became the site of its first secondary school. The school was expanded prior to the start of the 2012 school year to accommodate students who moved into newly constructed housing.

Brendan Gibson is a 911 emergency dispatcher, according to his Facebook profile. Not only does he play friends and family very well, but he also has a solid reputation for being great in those roles.

Friends of Emily Rae paid tribute to Brendan Gibson, saying: “The contagious joy you bring to each shift, the endless late-night McDonald’s runs and the Crazy conversation that ended with a laugh, we will miss…you were unique.”, Brendan Gibson.

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