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Brooklin Love leaked onlyfans, Whats happened to videos on telegram and reddit

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Brooklin Love leaked onlyfans, Whats happened to videos on telegram and reddit

Authorities report that a love triangle in Brooklyn took a tragic turn when a woman, Jasmine Figueroa, became the victim of a shooting by her jealous ex-partner, resulting in her passing at Kings County Hospital later that day at 5:30 pm. The incident unfolded in the early morning on Greene Avenue near Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where her romantic rival was also injured by the gunman.

The shooter, a 50-year-old man and the father of four daughters belonging to Figueroa, tragically took his own life on his doorstep by firing a bullet into his head, on the very day of his birthday. Prior to this devastating act, he gravely injured Figueroa and a 44-year-old man, who is currently recovering from injuries to his abdomen and leg at Kings County.

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According to Tymel Walker, a 35-year-old nephew of the victim, this heartbreaking incident stemmed from a love triangle that had overwhelmed Figueroa. The victim and the perpetrator had been close friends since childhood, but both had fallen in love with the same woman, who remained indecisive and alternated between the two men. A neighbor, awakened by the loud argument, witnessed the tragic events as the victims were entering a black SUV.

The neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, described waking up to the sound of shouting and two shots fired. She recounted seeing a towering man engaged in a heated exchange with a younger woman.

According to the witness, the perpetrator shot the younger individual while he was inside his GMC Yukon. Following the shooting, Figueroa attempted to negotiate with the victim’s companion for her own life by demanding the keys to their vehicle. Despite her pleas, Figueroa remained unyielding and insisted on taking the keys, eventually stepping back and shooting her without remorse.

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The witness further noted that the perpetrator fired a shot at the victim’s leg, followed by another. In response to being struck, the victim doubled over, clutching her thigh before collapsing to the ground.

After a brief pause in the gunfire, the witness believed the violent attack had ceased, but unfortunately, her optimism was short-lived as the perpetrator callously shot his victim in the head. The onlooker observed that the assailant showed no emotion while committing this heinous act. Instead of hastily fleeing the scene, he sauntered across the street before taking his own life.

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Walker, a driver for a towing company, revealed that his uncle used to work in construction and was considered a loyal and dependable figure on their block, often regarded as an older brother by many. While acknowledging his uncle’s wrongdoing, Walker also sees it as a reflection of broader issues and hopes that others can learn from this tragic event, just as he has.

The shooter had four daughters with the woman he targeted, according to Walker, who emphasized that his uncle was a loving father who cared deeply for his children. The nephew expressed the family’s devastation over the tragedy, noting that this marked the first instance of suicide within their family.

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