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Chloe Bailey Swarm scene leaked with Damson Idris on s3x amazon prime

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Chloe Bailey Swarm scene leaked with Damson Idris on s3x amazon prime

Actress Chloe Bailey stars in Prime Video’s new thriller series “Swarm,” alongside Dominic Fishback and Damson Idris. Fishback plays Dre, an overzealous fan of pop star Ni’Jah, who goes on a bizarre journey to protect the superstar’s name and reputation. Meanwhile, Bailey plays Marissa, Dre’s sister, and Idris plays Khaled, Marissa’s boyfriend.

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In an unexpected twist, Fishback was initially offered Bailey’s role, but her “lovable” personality convinced the show’s creators to let her try something more sinister. Bailey credits Fishback’s performance for helping her shape her own character on the show, particularly the sisterhood between Marissa and Dre, which mirrors Bailey’s relationship with her own sister, Halle.

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Bailey is drawn to Marissa’s strength in holding herself and her loved ones together, despite the show’s sinister tone. She hopes to represent Marissa in the best possible way and stand up for everyone who feels the same.

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