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Dale Mooney video leaked on twitter, patriots fan fight video dies

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Dale Mooney video leaked on twitter, patriots fan fight video dies

WBZ got a video that shows what happened before a fan died at Gillette Stadium during the Sunday night game between the Patriots and the Dolphins. They can’t show the video because it’s too disturbing, but they have pictures that give an idea of what happened.

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In the video, a guy named Dale Mooney, who’s supposed to be a Patriots fan, walks up to a row of seats. But because there are other people blocking the camera, he disappears for a moment.

When he comes back into view, he’s fighting with another guy. The fight is so intense that three people, including a security guard, try to break it up. They keep fighting for at least 13 seconds, and then one of them throws a quick punch at Mooney. He collapses, and security steps in to separate them.

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In the video, Mooney looks like he’s sitting in a chair and not moving. That’s where the video ends. Mooney was taken to a hospital in Attleboro right away, but he was declared dead. The person who recorded the video gave it to the police.

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So far, nobody has been arrested. The Massachusetts State Police and the Norfolk District Attorney are looking into what happened.


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