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Dj Azex dead or still alive, The SMILING DJ Of Odisha – whats hapepned

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Dj Azex dead or still alive, The SMILING DJ Of Odisha – whats hapepned

Meet DJ Azex, also known as “The SMILING DJ,” whose music will get you rocking to the beat like a reggae song. This phenomenal DJ and music producer has collaborated with top artists like JStar and Milind Gaba, and he is a trendsetter in India’s music scene. His influence has spread like wildfire in the bass music and EDM genre, and he is set to become a household name in no time.

DJ Azex is known for his unique basslines and ability to create new sounds. He produced the official track of the ICC Cricket World Cup and created music for international dancer Harihar Dash. He is the only East Indian DJ featured on JIOSAAVN since October 2019, alongside some of the best DJs and singers in the world.

As a live performer, DJ Azex is fearless and confident in his incredible musical skills. He started learning FL Studio at the age of 18 and has been performing at private parties since he was a young singer. He now performs at major events in India and Odisha, leaving audiences in awe with his top-notch DJ skills.

DJ Azex is a master at creating catchy tunes that make the dance floor vibrate. He constantly experiments with different sounds to create something original and fresh. He has won several awards for being the best DJ in the state, and his fusion of Punjabi, Dubstep, and Desi music is a unique experience that makes you feel alive.

With his incredible talent, DJ Azex is in high demand at college events in Odisha and large public parties. He is a quick learner with a keen sense of style, and his performances are always unforgettable. He is currently working on international collaborations, record releases, and upcoming music festivals across the country.

DJ Azex’s music has transformed his hometown of Odisha into a major music event hub in India. His career has spread across Odisha and beyond, where he acts as a guest DJ, and he has performed almost every day of his music career. He always experiments with different mixes to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

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