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Elliot Gindi dead or still alive? ‘Genshin Impact’ Voice Actor

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Elliot Gindi dead or still alive? ‘Genshin Impact’ Voice Actor

Elliot Gindi is no longer working for Genshin Impact. After a week of troubling allegations, HoYoverse said it would recast Tighnari’s English-language voice actor. The hashtag #ElliotGindi went viral on February 7 after Gindi’s former Discord and Twitch moderator Matty shared a document (now closed) containing messages from alleged victims about their alleged interactions with the voice actor . Many victims, some of them minors, told stories of coercion, parenting and sexual language.

HoYoverse wrote in its official statement that it was severing ties with Gindi due to a “breach of contract.”

Gindi later confirmed the allegations in the document with a Twitlonger apology, confirming some details and denying others. More stories surfaced throughout the week, until later on February 15, the official Genshin Impact account released a statement in response to allegations that the character was not voiced in subsequent editions due to a breach of contract,” the official wrote in the tweet.

“We are currently in communication with recording agencies regarding casting and re-recording. We will gradually replace Tighnari’s existing in-game voice lines and release these updates with appropriate announcements.”

HoYoverse has no timetable for when the rewrite will be complete and when the new voice will appear in the game. The reaction of the Genshin Impact community to the move has been largely positive.

Many of the other voice actors from Genshin Impact thanked HoYoverse in the announcement comments for their support. Yoimiya’s voice actress, Jenna Yokobori, responds to a victim’s story of others belittling her and abusing others.

“Everyone of you who defends this absolute monster can stand against me,” Yokohori wrote. “Most of these victims are real kids who are braver than you’ve ever been. You don’t have to ‘let it go’. If you have a problem with them, just leave them alone and talk to me.”

Gindi’s former model, Matty, who first went public with the story on February 15, confirmed to supporters that a police report had been lodged. Since then, Kindy has not been active on social media, but one of his Genshin colleagues claims that Kindy used throwaway accounts to silence his accusers. Paimon’s voice, Corina Boettger, made the so-called Burner account public on social media.

“Elliott still sends messages to minors and uses this burn account to threaten and accuse SH,” Bottger wrote. “Be safe everyone. Don’t react to him, he’s still trying to manipulate you. Block him! Be safe. You don’t have to answer him and you don’t owe him anything!”

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