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F1nn5ter leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, English gaming YouTuber

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F1nn5ter leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, English gaming YouTuber

Finn is known for making Minecraft videos on various servers (primarily Skyblock, Prison Servers and Hypixel) and making videos (often challenge videos) with Skeppy. The most viewed video on his channel is titled “I became a cyber girl in Minecraft… (bad idea)”. Here’s a streaming highlight video of him playing Minecraft dressed up as a “Christmas Electro Girl” before heading to his local McDonald’s and walking in. It has over 1.4 million views.

He is also well known for his second channel where he teases people on the internet dressed as a cyber girl and his third channel is a highlight channel of his twitch stream where he also mostly disguises as a cyber girl dress up. Finn’s first appearance on the internet was before his main channel existed. He contributes to another channel called MilescGaming.

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On June 1, 2015, the channel F1NN5TER was created. Finn started uploading Minecraft-related videos on June 3, 2015, just two days after the channel was created. His first video titled “What F1NN Can Do | WFCD Ep. 1” is a 2 minute 41 second video of a series of tests he directed on different types of firearms that he will build and demonstrate.

Finn initially set a goal of 10,000 subscribers. After almost 2 years of making videos, he achieved this goal on April 15, 2017. In the 1.5 years since he achieved his goal, his channel has continued to grow in subscribers.

2018-present: The E-girl era, continued growth on YouTube and Twitch, and the Twitch Ban
In July 2018, the number of subscribers was approximately 40,000. At that time, a women’s clothing brand that hadn’t seen his channel wanted to sponsor him and sent him a bunch of women’s clothing. Later, in January 2019, Finn lost a bet with a friend and his punishment was that one of his friends had to do him makeup. His friends are convinced Finn has put on makeup and dresses to look like a real girl. So Finn made a video on OMEGLE! So I pretended to be a girl, tried to prove to his friends that he didn’t look like a girl, but failed. In February, he uploaded the video to his second channel, Finn.

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Over the next 10 months, Finn’s primary pipeline continued to grow. During that time, the video on the second channel received little attention because Finn never promoted it on his main channel.

As of December 2019, Finn’s main channel has approximately 130,000 subscribers. Around Christmas, Finn decided to live stream a Christmas electronic girl on YouTube. This live broadcast became very popular. As more and more people found out that he was a cyborg girl, it started getting Finn more subscribers than usual on his main channel. Finn later made a standout video, which is now his most-viewed video, currently with 1.4 million views on YouTube.

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About a month later, in January 2020, Finn’s second channel video garnered a lot of attention. So far, Finn’s second channel has only a few thousand subscribers. A month later, in February, the second channel had nearly 50,000 subscribers. The sudden popularity made Finn’s main channel grow faster.

Over the next three months, Finn’s pipeline continued to grow.

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