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Hallie Grossman Deerfield Obituary – Death: Deerfield students Cause Of Death

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Hallie Grossman Deerfield Obituary – Death: Deerfield students Cause Of Death

Deerfield High School students didn’t stop at their charity work when classes came to an end for the school year. A group of nine teenagers were instrumental in the event management team for the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life race in Southeast Lake County on Saturday, June 13 in Deerfield.

“The kids at Deerfield High have really improved,” said Judy Geuder of Deerfield, an adult member of the events management team. “Seeing this kind of reaction from these kids makes me feel embarrassed for what I did as a teenager.” The 12-member group has been planning the event since earlier this year, although according to Relay for Life Several teens chair the subcommittees, said Karina Ogawa, the community manager. At least two student leaders were brought to Relay for Life by older relatives inspired by family members who survived cancer.

“My sister put me in when I was a freshman,” said Devinstein, who will be a senior at Deerfield High next year. “It was a great opportunity to spread the word about cancer.” Stein’s older sister, Jessie Stein, now a student at the University of Iowa, began working with Relay For Life when their mother, Wendy Stein, was diagnosed with cancer. He said she is now a cancer survivor.

That year, Devin Stein helped chair the group that developed the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and Luminaria Ceremony. He pays special attention to Luminarias. “It was a very beautiful ceremony,” Devinstein said. “People can decorate the bags for someone they respect or want to remember. We light them up with glow sticks. We want it to be inspiring, not depressing.”

Julia Morrison, who will be a senior at Deerfield in the fall, is chair of entertainment. “My grandmother had lymphoma and my grandfather had skin cancer,” Morrison said. “I have two cousins ​​who attend Deerfield High School. You invited me to the event. It was a way of working together to honor our grandparents.”

Other Deerfield High School students on the team included Hallie Grossman, Alyssa Weiner, Jordyn Jensen, Lexie Cosmos, Talya Feldman and Caitlin Edelmuth. Alec Lopata, who graduated this year, is also on the committee. Although held in Deerfield, Ogawa said the Relay for Life drew people from Highland Park, Heywood, Riverwood and Bannockburn.

She said the event was moved indoors at the Highland Park Recreation Center last year to avoid inconveniences caused by inclement weather. This year, it has been shortened from a 12-hour nocturnal event to one that lasts from the late afternoon into the evening. According to Ogawa, the opening ceremony will begin at 4 p.m. and include inspirational speeches honoring cancer survivors. The detour starts at 4.30pm and the event will end with the closing ceremony at 9.30pm

According to Ogawa, when people walk the route, there will be a special dinner honoring the survivors and their caregivers, along with other games and entertainment. Ogawa said she hopes to raise $50,000 for this year’s event. By June 9, nearly $35,000 had been raised.



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