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Jagged Edge is dead or still alive, Whats happened to family and friends

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Jagged Edge is dead or still alive, Whats happened to family and friends

Jagged Edge, a boy group in the American R&B scene, was initially signed to Columbia Records under the ownership of Jermaine Dupri’s record label, So So Def. The band, consisting of twins Brian Casey (known as Brasco) and Brandon Casey (Case Dinero), Kyle Norman (Quick), and Richard Wingo (Wingo), shared similarities in style with New Edition, Jodeci, and Dru Hill. Most of their hit songs were produced by Dupri.

Following the split of Dru Hill in 1999, Jagged Edge emerged as the most popular male R&B band, with notable hits such as “He Can’t Love You,” “Let’s Get Married,” and “Party Spot” (featuring Nelly). Although Dupri and So So Def departed for Arista Records in 2003, the group remained signed to Columbia. Their most recent album, Jagged Edge, was released on May 9, 2006, under the Columbia/Sony Music Urban label.

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