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Kaan Kazgan fight with Savaş Cebeci leaked video on twitter – whats happened

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Kaan Kazgan fight with Savaş Cebeci leaked video on twitter – whats happened

Kaan Kazgan recently shared the full story of his fight with Savaş Cebeci. This fight took place in the world of martial arts, specifically in the realm of MMA and boxing.

Before we get into the details of this fight, it’s worth noting that there was a big boxing match between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva that gained a lot of attention, but we’ll focus on some other martial arts action.

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One particularly brutal moment to highlight involved Leonard Casotti delivering a devastating calf cut to Mahmoud Mando. The move left Mando in a painful and compromising position, and it was set up during a scramble. Instead of escaping, Mando ended up face down on the mat with Casotti’s weight causing his legs to buckle inward.

Moving on, Ayan Tursyn, known for her spinning fist at an amateur tournament in Russia last year, has turned pro and earned her second win with a knockout sequence at Octagon 36 in Turkey.

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Now, let’s get to the main event. Kaan Kazgan and Savaş Cebeci had been challenging each other on social media for a while, and they finally faced off in an open-field fight. Kaan Kazgan emerged as the winner of this battle, though it’s worth noting that both fighters were injured by the end of the fight.

This feud seemed to start with a fitness coach challenging Cebeci, claiming he could beat a 70 kg man. It escalated from there, leading to the physical confrontation between Kazgan and Cebeci in front of a crowd of onlookers. When it was Cebeci’s turn to approach Kazgan, the fight ensued.

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In summary, this was a showdown between two fighters who had been taunting each other on social media, and it ultimately resulted in a physical confrontation with Kazgan emerging as the victor.

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