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Karina Pedro leaked Videos and Photos onlyf on reddit and twitter, Whats happened

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Karina Pedro leaked Videos and Photos onlyf on reddit and twitter, Whats happened

The fourth event of the StarCraft Organization is on the horizon. As is customary, fighters will go through the classic weigh-in before entering the octagon, adding to the variety of the fight. In the last weigh-in, however, there was more than the usual anticipation. Two women from TikTok and two from OnlyF were set to compete against each other, and they unveiled their secret weapons, which they had hidden under their bras. Additionally, a massive brawl erupted on stage, even involving a security guard, as shared by the group on Instagram.

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Although relatively new in the Czech Republic, StarCraft has managed to build a decent following. The Clash event caters mainly to influencers, YouTubers, and famous personalities from the Czech show business industry, all fighting each other. This is the fourth night of the group, and as Mizha showed on his Twitter feed, it was highlighted by two women who bared their breasts during the weigh-in.

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Never before had a woman bared her breasts at a weigh-in, but Petra “Inked dory” Úradníčková and Karina “Karina Pedro” Petrova fearlessly rocked the hall. As both operate on the OnlyF platform, they have no qualms about shedding their inhibitions. However, this caused an uproar among the internet celebrities who were live broadcasting at the time.

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Furthermore, a fight broke out on stage, and a security guard was even knocked over. Kaluba, Max Green, and the Rock Boys trio were involved in the melee, with Reno, Král Beroun, and Max Green’s trainer Žralok joining in, and Žralok even engaged in a scuffle with the security guards. The group later posted about the altercation on their Instagram account.

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