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Kayla S Rowe Obituary – Death: Kayla S Rowe Passed Away, See Cause Of Death

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Kayla S Rowe Obituary – Death: Kayla S Rowe Passed Away, See Cause Of Death

Kayla Rowe, the 2021 New Colombo Plan (NCP) Fellow, has had a lifelong passion for protecting the environment. She believes that it is crucial to dedicate her career to safeguarding the remaining biodiversity and natural beauty of our planet.

Kayla was immediately drawn to the Atoll Marine Center in the Maldives, a country at risk of being submerged by 2050 due to rising sea levels, for her NCP experience. She has always been interested in working with local communities to contribute to conservation efforts, and this is her chance to do so. Kayla wants to witness firsthand the impact of climate change and observe how the locals are addressing it.

Upon her arrival in the Maldives, Kayla’s perspective on the garbage crisis shifted. She witnessed the devastating effects of plastic pollution on the coral reef system caused by burning plastic waste on the beach. Despite being overwhelmed and confused as to why the locals seemed indifferent to the problem, Kayla realized that waste management was a privilege that not everyone had access to. The residents had no choice but to dispose of their trash on the beach.

Currently, Kayla is an intern at the Atoll Marine Center and is leading the turtle rehabilitation program. She has released an Olive Ridley Turtle named Xena back into the sea after rehabilitating her for two years. Kayla also initiated the Marine School Holidays program to educate local youth about the threats facing sea turtles. In response, three families returned five newly hatched green turtles to the center’s care. Kayla is also learning how to release the turtles back into the ocean.

Kayla had the opportunity to dive with manta rays, nurse sharks, and sea turtles, and swim in carpets of anemones and tropical fish schools. These experiences strengthened Kayla’s commitment to animal welfare and working with local communities to create a positive impact.


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