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Kerri Wynne Macleod obituary – Death, P.E.I. broadcaster cause of death

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Kerri Wynne Macleod obituary – Death, P.E.I. broadcaster cause of death

Kerri Wynne MacLeod, host of PEI’s Ocean 100 morning radio show for 17 years, has passed away.

The broadcaster announced the news on its website. A native of Montagu, McLeod started her entrepreneurial career in a store on Main Street. Her broadcast career began on CHTN in 2005, and she took over the Ocean 100 morning show the following year.

McLeod is also known as a singer. She sang at concerts and events and appeared in the Arts Federation’s musical Anne of Green Gables, both as a choir and in the role of Mrs. Pye. In 1998 she released an album “The Moon on the Left”. Details of McLeod’s funeral have not been released.

Kerri lives a vibrant, colorful life that is very similar to the island itself – a combination of texture, color and identity intertwined into a warm and welcoming embrace.

Her most divine gift is making others feel valued and valued. No one can make you feel important and valuable like Kerri Wynne. Because of this sincere lightness, islanders from Manatee Pond to East Point will mourn her for a long time.

Kerri Wynne was beloved in her hometown of Montague long before she was an island-wide celebrity. She fell in love with it right away. One of her happiest moments was when she was named Mayor for a Day. At 19, Kerri Wynne owned her own accessories store on High Street: Silhouette Accessories. She went on to become a director of the Boys and Girls Club, before becoming a columnist for The Guardian and joining Ocean as a morning radio presenter.

Kerri Wynne Macleod Date

She auditioned for Alan Lund’s Hurray in the late 1980s, and he was so captivated by her performance that he rewrote his show, including her rendition of the eyes of love, Played to packed audiences at the Commonwealth Center. She then impressed Don Harlan with her stage and acting skills, was accepted into the choir and played Lady Pye in Anne of Green Gables.

Many will remember their 1998 album Moon Upon the Left. In addition to Kerri Wynne’s unforgettable soprano voice, there are some of her island artist friends. Kerri Wynne is a natural storyteller with an enviable flair for banter that can hit the ground running with the pros. Her friends are simply known as “Kerri”. There’s no island beach she doesn’t love, no day she doesn’t enjoy spending “with the girls.” However, on Panmure Island with the “girls,” she was often spotted on a sunny summer afternoon.

The islanders were touched by her thoughtfulness and endless acts of kindness. She is known for sending thoughtful words, a gift she cherishes, and showing deep empathy and empathy for those who have suffered loss or are in need. Kerri Wynne’s great love was her daughter Olivia Ruth MacLeod, who died unexpectedly in 2012 at the age of 19.

Kerri Wynne joined NewCap Radio in 2005 on a morning show called Good Time Oldies 720 CHTN. New Cap launched Ocean 100 in 2006, and Kerri Wynne became co-host of the Ocean 100 Morning Show, captivating islanders with her sharp wit and infectious sense of humor and connecting them for years.

Kerri Wynne Macleod Obituary

The number of events she has hosted over the years is astounding. She chaired “Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots,” led by Warren Ellis and his family, which raised approximately $14 million for the Prince County Hospital Foundation. She was also a key member of the IWK Radiothon and QEH Foundation Big Day of Giving last year. For years she would be locked in a studio with her co-hosts until the studio was filled with donated food, and in recent years they’ve taken the Ocean Food Drive to the road, turning it into a “Stuff a Bus Food Drive”. She loves helping out with the Toys for Tots campaign, often delivering to Montague herself with toys donated to the Kings County area.

Kerri Wynne Macleod death

Kerri Wynne moderated debates among political leaders during the campaign and is widely known for securing visits and interviewing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. When legendary broadcaster Lloyd Robertson visited the studio, she was so excited and joined her co-hosts to interview him. Kerri Wynne’s job has also led her to driving Zamboni’s and tractor trailers – both of which she is excited about.

Kerri Wynne has enjoyed all types of music throughout her life and was a member of the ECMA Board of Directors. Details of Kerri Wynne’s funeral will be announced at a later date.

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