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Kyle Sohn Obituary – Death, Has Passed Away: Kyle Sohn Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P, Family calls for review into UBC student’s

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Kyle Sohn Obituary – Death, Has Passed Away: Kyle Sohn Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P, Family calls for review into UBC student’s

Kyle Sohn has Died : Death – Dead, Obituary, Cause of Death, Memorial, Funeral

The death news of Kyle Sohn has reached into the hearings of 360NG and we kindly from our kind and deepest heart give our condolences to the family of the deceased.

‘Kyle Sohn ‘ has Passed Away.

Friends and families of the deceased are mourning the death of their loved and cherished Kyle Sohn .

About Kyle Sohn, Who is Kyle Sohn?

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After calling 911 multiple times and experiencing the painful wait, the family was devastated. In this exclusive report, CityNews investigates the last hours of a University of British Columbia (UBC) student’s last year in a dorm room after a death his family believed was avoidable. Sophomore Kyle Sohn had a medical emergency on the morning of November 14th.

Phone records show that he used the Apple Watch to dial 911 twice, but he didn’t seem to be able to communicate when he answered the call. He first called at 7.33am and then again about half an hour later. In both cases, employees at ECOMM, the agency that provides 911 dispatch, said they tried to call him back. However, since the dispatcher couldn’t hear anything at first, their attempts to call him back went to voicemail, so no one was able to help.

After the second call, other residents of the dormitory became concerned. They said they heard Son vomiting in Son’s room between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. They said they knocked on the door and tried to get Sohn to open it, but he didn’t respond. At 9:30 a.m., residents said they spoke to the UBC Residential Life Manager on the phone and asked for someone to answer Sohn’s door.

But according to roommate Prince Fox, the life manager said he couldn’t or wouldn’t open the door, citing UBC policy. “He called back and told us to call the police,” Fox said. “I asked him again if he would answer the door and we were really worried. He just told us to call the police.”

Simon Busemeyer, who was there at the time, believes UBC staff have the right to open the door for Sohn. “The information about Kyle’s 911 call was [a bit] concerning because we didn’t see the police until after they called,” said Busemeyer, a student who was in the dorm at the time, adding that they were surprised the police didn’t send it initially. “Furthermore, we have seen no action from UBC, even though the police would need them to open the doors anyway.”

Around 10 a.m., about two and a half hours after Sohn’s first 911 call, a resident of the dorm called 911, and about 10 minutes later, members of the UBC RCMP arrived. Residents of the residence said police were given the wrong keys and had to return to reception at the residence, adding to the delay. According to his son’s family, he was without a pulse when first responders arrived.

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The death news of Kyle Sohn was known to us and confirmed on social media.


What Killed Kyle Sohn?, How Did Kyle Sohn Died?

See Kyle Sohn Cause of Death Below:

The Cause of Death of Kyle Sohn has not been known to us or confirmed yet!!but information will be updated once it is revealed.


Kyle Sohn Memorial | Funeral | Burial | GoFundMe

Location of Memorial has not been disclosed yet, we will update you once information has been revealed..

A GoFundMe Page is not available for the the deceased Kyle Sohn yet!!. You can continue checking this page for an update on the GoFundMe Page for your contribution and support for the deceased family.

Kyle Sohn Tributes

What People Say about Kyle Sohn !!!


Kyle Sohn Death – Obituary, Has Passed Away: Kyle Sohn Is Dead, Cause of Death, R.I.P

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