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Nathan Millard Obituary – Death: 2 prostitutes wanted in death of Georgia man found

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Nathan Millard Obituary – Death: 2 prostitutes wanted in death of Georgia man found

Derrick Perkins, the individual accused of disposing of the body of Georgia businessman Nathan Millard, is attempting to procure Narcan to revive him, citing the circumstances of the case. Narcan is a commonly used drug for treating overdose. According to new documents, Millard passed away from an apparent overdose following a night of prostitution and crack cocaine use.

Millard died last month during a business trip to Baton Rouge, and Perkins is currently in custody, charged with unlawfully disposing of Millard’s body, obstructing justice, and failing to seek assistance.

Arrest warrants were issued on March 23 for the two prostitutes involved. Tabbetha Lee Barner, 33, and Tiffany Ann Guidry, 27, have both been charged with prostitution and failure to assist. Guidry has also been charged with unlawfully disposing of remains.

The new arrest warrants are consistent with the timeline previously presented by the police. Millard left the Happy Tavern on Third Street and went to the Greyhound bus stop on Florida Avenue, where a Greyhound employee attempted to assist him. The businessman indicated that he was “looking for a girl to come to his room.”

According to the search warrant, a man at the Greyhound bus station took Millard to see Perkins. Perkins purportedly introduced Millard to a black prostitute, but Millard stated that he desired a white prostitute, the warrant revealed. Perkins then found two white prostitutes for Millard.

Perkins informed the police that Millard and others went to a home where they began injecting drugs intravenously. Perkins claims that he left Millard with the women and went to the store, and when he returned, Millard was deceased.

According to the search warrant, Perkins attempted to revive Millard, but it was too late.


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