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Patna Railway station viral video leaked on twitter, TV Screens Play Adult Film For 3 Minutes

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Patna Railway station viral video leaked on twitter,  TV Screens Play Adult Film For 3 Minutes

On Sunday morning, viewers at Patna railway station were taken aback when explicit video clips were displayed on the station’s televisions. The footage was shown on platform 10 for three minutes and caused discomfort among the station’s visitors. The incident was reported to the National Railway Police (GRP) and the Railway Protection Force (RPF). The DRM office in Dhanapur has launched an investigation into the matter, and a complaint has been lodged against the manager of the company responsible for the display. The GRP contacted Dutta Communications, the advertising agency responsible for the content, and instructed them not to air the clip again. The railway company has blacklisted the agency, terminated its advertising agreement, and lodged a First Information Report (FIR). The individual responsible for the incident is still at large, and the Patriotic Front has called for his arrest. If the station operator fails to contact RPF officials, they may issue an arrest warrant.

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