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Punjabi couple viral video news leaked twitter, couple appeals for public support

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Punjabi couple viral video news leaked twitter, couple appeals for public support

The young chef couple hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab, who gained widespread recognition after a viral video of them selling “Kulhad Pizza,” have reached out to the public for support. They recently became parents and found themselves facing distress due to a viral video, which they claim was a result of a blackmail attempt and was “distorted.”

In a statement shared on their official Instagram account, Sehaj Arora, one half of the famous duo, explained the situation. He mentioned that approximately 15 days ago, they received a message on Instagram containing a blackmail offer along with the video in question. The person making the threat insisted that unless their demands were met, the video would be released. However, Sehaj and Gurpreet chose not to yield to the blackmail and instead reported the incident to the police.

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Sehaj went on to clarify that while they were dealing with the police investigation, they became parents. During this time, the video somehow went viral. He suggested that the video was fake and possibly created using artificial intelligence. Sehaj appealed to the public to respect their privacy in light of these circumstances.

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In a follow-up video, Sehaj, visibly distressed, reiterated his plea to stop the spread of the video. He expressed the pain and sadness that this incident had brought upon their family, which should have been a time of celebration.

When news of this incident surfaced, many social media users rallied in support of the couple and strongly condemned the act, labeling it disgraceful and disturbing. While both of the couple’s videos on Instagram garnered over 2,000 views, they disabled comments in response to the situation.

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This chef couple rose to fame in 2022 when a video of them selling Kulhad Pizza went viral on various social media platforms. Since then, they have amassed a substantial following on social media, with Sehaj having over 900,000 followers and Gurpreet boasting approximately 500,000 followers on their respective Instagram accounts.

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