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Qtcinderella AI video leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, What happened really?

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Qtcinderella AI video leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, What happened really?

Riot’s decision to switch broadcasts ahead of the 2023 LCS season was initially met with skepticism from longtime fans. However, QTCinderella’s appearance on the show has received widespread praise and has shifted the perception of the new direction.

The 2023 LCS season got off to a rocky start, with Riot’s head of global esports issuing an apology for how the broadcast changes were communicated to fans. Even the departure of Esports host of the year Dash, which was not his own decision, has not improved the situation in the eyes of fans.

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Despite this, QTCinderella’s contribution to the show has been highly regarded. As a longtime LCS fan herself, she has shared her love for legendary players like Bjergsen and Doublelift, as well as appearing at League of Legends-related events such as Grubhub Feeding Frenzy.

Through her on-stage interviews and cooking sessions with Spica, QTCinderella has brought a fresh and engaging approach to the LCS, winning over both die-hard and casual fans alike. Her content and interviews have been seen as a way to bring the LCS to a wider audience, with a focus on player stories and entertainment.

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While there are no plans for QTCinderella to return to the show at present, her one-off appearance on LCS Opening Day has left a lasting impression on viewers.

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