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Satyam Choudhuri obituary – death: remembered by his McMaster community, Cause of Death

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Satyam Choudhuri obituary – death: remembered by his McMaster community, Cause of Death

Satyam Choudhuri was a McMaster University student for eight years and graduated as a doctor. He passed away on June 29 2022 at the age of 25. Many people — students, faculty and coworkers — remember him fondly.

As a student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University, he graduated with high honors in 2018. In 2021, he began an undergraduate medical education program. However, he passed away that same year while acting as a psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience medical resident.

He’s remembered for being warm, helpful and a problem solver. He was also a leader who enjoyed sports immensely.

Cudi the dog, Jagadananda Choudhuri, Leena and Ron’s parent, leave them.

People from his McMaster university campus — students, faculty and administrators — have discussed the significant impact he had on them.

Satyam’s creativity and knack for solving problems helped him become a great teaching assistant. Before meeting students on the annual canoe trip hosted by BHSc, Satyam showed great enthusiasm and care for people he just met. Matthew Jessome states that the loss of his friend was heartbreaking. His friend challenged himself in new and interesting ways; he harnessed his natural leadership abilities that were immediately recognizable. His passing was also regrettable for the communities he had meaningfully impacted during his journey.

Dr. Davine contacted Satyam while he was a psychiatry residency to discuss switching to a family medicine residency. Because Satyam knew that Dr. Davine switched from a family medicine residency to a psychiatry one, he contacted him to discuss the possibility. During their discussions, Dr. Davine noted that Satyam was deeply interested in helping people and loved working with them throughout their lives. Consequently, Dr. Davine claims that he would’ve been an excellent family doctor had he pursued the change.

The patient stated that Satyam would bring a distinct glow to any room he was in or event he attended. She said he was down-to-earth, friendly, thoughtful, fun and kind. She added that she is thankful for the time they spent together and considered him a treasured coworker and friend who is greatly missed. Satyam’s attending physician was Anton P. Alaga, MD.

Satyam’s excellent character made him a perfect candidate for the medical field. Among the exceptional students of his program, he stood out for his warmth, leadership, intellectual curiosity and care for others. These traits caused him to be very likable and beloved by many of his classmates. In fact, it’s easy to see why: he was always ready to share a warm smile and had an open and friendly personality that anyone couldn’t help but like. Because he was such an inspiring example, many were motivated by what he taught them— humility, care and insight — about the medical profession.

During his time as a medical student at McMaster University, Satyam was well-liked by his coworkers. Both Vanessa Lentz and Natasha Snelgrove — psychiatry residency program directors — considered him to be a patient-centric doctor. They say his warmth, enthusiasm, openness, thoughtfulness and kindness were greatly valued by faculty and other resident colleagues.

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