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Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ Obituary – Death: icon of Mexican comedy, died at 88

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Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ Obituary – Death: icon of Mexican comedy, died at 88

Generations of people in Latin America have grown up seeing the face of Mexican actor and presenter Xavier López “Chabelo” on television. He has acted in movies, soap operas and TV shows, most iconic of which is his En familia con Chabelo, on which he aired for 40 years, where he was always known for wearing underwear and his characteristic boyish talk And stand out. The cause of his death was abdominal complications, according to Mexican media reports.

Chabelo will outlive Xavier López “Chabelo,” the iconic Mexican actor, singer and TV host known for his role as spoiled child, the long-running En familia con Chabelo show, and his so-called Long remembered for his joke about immortality.

In 1962, Xavier López Rodríguez “Chabelo” slapped Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” when they both played in the movie “El Extra.” Panchito, a very well-developed 15-year-old boy, 1.92 m tall, claimed that he was Cantinflas regarding the damage to his bicycle.

Xavier López, better known as “Chabelo,” died Saturday morning, March 25, at the age of 88 from health complications.

The news was posted on his official Twitter account: “It is a very sad morning that father, brother and husband Xavier López Chabelo passed away suddenly due to abdominal complications us.”

This is a very sad morning when Xavier Lopez Chabelo, father, brother and husband, left us suddenly due to abdominal complications.

“With broken souls, we know that many, many people who loved him over the years will feel his passing, and we ask that you pray for his rest and that we have the opportunity to go through peacefully and leave our entire family in disbelief. Condolences to the López Miranda family”, they announced on their Twitter account.


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