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Yandex semua film video leaked on twitter, partai demokrat prabowo (Democratic Party)

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Yandex semua film video leaked on twitter, partai demokrat prabowo (Democratic Party)

The Democratic Party has decided to support President Prabowo Subianto, breaking away from the Peruvian coalition. Ahmed Kolur, the Director of the Institute for Democracy and Strategic Affairs, has played a role in this decision.

Khairul, based on post-separation survey data, believes that more loyal Democratic Party supporters are backing Prabowo instead of Ganjar Pranowo, following the Democratic Party’s withdrawal from the Anies Baswedan presidential candidacy.

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Dealing with Prabowo’s party won’t be easy for the Democrats, and it may lead to some unrest.

This shift happened quickly after Khoirul Umam, a member of the Democratic Party’s elite, lost support from Ganjar Pranowo.

This indicates that the Democratic Party is no longer affiliated with the PDIP party and the Democratic Party. When the Democrat initially entered politics under PDIP Chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri, they had to navigate government disagreements.

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“I chose to blend Megawati’s flexible communication policy with PDIP. This gave Megawati the opportunity to decide how to handle political conflicts,” said Khoirul Umam.

Despite this, the argument against the Democrats is that they prioritize their own interests over policies. They have developed a political paradigm called “moderate will,” and during this time, they have aligned themselves with Prabowo.

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Additionally, the Democratic Party aims to clarify its stance on Islamic politics. Therefore, it’s reasonable for Democrats to feel that there are no significant ideological obstacles in their new direction.

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