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Yomommaaa onlyf4ns leaked, Zooe.moore leaks on twitter and reddit

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Yomommaaa onlyf4ns leaked, Zooe.moore leaks on twitter and reddit

Originally thrust into the spotlight with her infamous Dr. Phil appearance and the viral catchphrase ‘Cash me outside, how ’bout that?’, Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, has evolved from a controversial figure to a flourishing rap artist and, most recently, a millionaire, thanks to her highly lucrative OnlyFans subscription account.

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In an effort to provide her fans with an exclusive glimpse into her financial achievements, the 20-year-old rapper shared a revealing screenshot via her Instagram Stories on Thursday. This image purportedly displayed a comprehensive breakdown of her monthly earnings throughout the entirety of 2021, starting from the inception of her OnlyFans journey.

It’s worth noting that Bhad Bhabie had previously made headlines by disclosing an extraordinary accomplishment – earning a staggering $1 million within the first six hours of her debut on OnlyFans. Despite the platform’s association with adult content, she clarified that her account encompasses non-explicit content as well.

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Further solidifying her financial success, she proudly declared a net worth of $50 million last year, attributing this substantial wealth solely to her ventures on OnlyFans.

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This recent snapshot of her monthly earnings, presented in reverse chronological order, serves as a testament to her remarkable financial journey throughout her inaugural year on the platform. 📊💰 #BhadBhabie #OnlyFansSuccess #FinancialJourney

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