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Alexis Frulling calgary stampede on reddit video, whats happened

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Alexis Frulling calgary stampede on reddit video, whats happened|

A Canadian woman, aged 20, faced public scrutiny and derogatory comments after a video of her engaging in a consensual threesome at the Calgary Stampede was recorded without her knowledge and circulated on the internet. Alexis Fruhling, a dancer from Calgary, along with two male friends, had chosen a secluded alley between industrial buildings in the city center for privacy during the Alberta festival. Unfortunately, their private moment was captured on camera by an unidentified witness and shared on Reddit, gaining widespread attention before eventually being taken down.

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As the footage circulated online, Ms. Fruhling’s identity became known, leading to a deluge of derogatory remarks and criticism directed towards her, while her male friend seemed to escape relatively unscathed. Despite the public backlash, Fruhling chose to address the situation directly, releasing a video titled “Trampede Strikes Back at Their Haters.” In this four-and-a-half-minute video, which garnered nearly 3.4 million views, she candidly shared her thoughts, stating, “I can’t say I’m really proud of what happened, but I’m not ashamed.”

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Since then, Alexis Fruhling has found a way to channel the experience into something positive, even booking a public appearance at the Canadian Club. Despite the initial adversity, she has attempted to take control of her narrative and response to the incident.

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